This page is where you can access some of the free software I’m developing.


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This is a simple note taking application that will automatically time and date stamp your notes and add your GPS coordinates if you choose. On phones with speech to text capability (e.g. Androids & iPhone 5/6) you can enter your notes by voice.

I developed this for a friend who is a police investigator. It was created using web technologies (HTML5 & Javascript) and later made into native app formats using PhoneGap.  Getting it up on the Apple App Store and Google Play has been an educational experience as well. It is free and has no ads.

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FieldNotePad is the iPad specific version of iFieldNotes.
This app time stamps your notes and optionally lets you add the date and GPS coordinates to each note automatically. The resulting notes can be emailed to yourself or others. It is free and has no ads.
This was developed for police investigators who need to keep an accurate log of events during a surveillance or other investigation. Anyone who needs a quick way to take a note and have it accurately time/date/gps stamped will find it useful.

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