FieldNotes 1.0.1 Android Released

May 3, 2012

The Android smartphone version of FieldNotes was released today.This was my first experience releasing product through an app store, in this case Google Play (formerly Android Marketplace).

All of the FieldNotes flavors (Android, iPhone, iPad) were developed using standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript. I use Phonegap to compile the web app to native format (ipa or apk). This will also work for Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry, but I don’t have any of those devices to test with. I’m hoping to try the simulators for those phones that come with the respective development environments.

Phonegap has some gotchas, for example, my standard web app available off this site does printing just fine, but compile to a native format using Phonegap, and it’s gone. I checked into this on the Phonegap forums, it’s a known problem but they hope to add that capability soon through add on library.