FieldNotes 1.0 Web App Released

April 24, 2012

The web app versions of FieldNotes was released today.There is a smartphone version as well as a tablet version. The tablet version is intended for 10 inch tablets like iPad & Xoom.

The web app versions don’t really run from the web, they are developed using standard web technologies (HTML5, CSS, Javascript) but although you load them from the web, you need to install them (“save to homepage”) on your device. Once you do this some of the web browser stuff like the address bar and navigation buttons disappear leaving more room for the app to display and giving it a more native app like look. It also means it will run without there needing to be any connection to the web available. This comes in handy for something like a tablet or iPod Touch where you may only have internet access where there is Wifi available. The only problem with doing this is the process differs a little with each operating system and a lot of users are not familiar with the process.